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eMail Networks specializes in email marketing for your business, school, charity or online store. We provide the email marketing technology and consulting to make your email marketing campaigns successful. Call Us (866) 271-3920

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eMail Marketing Service

Campaign management or Self Service eMail Marketing Service

Our job is to make your job easier. Combining a proven sending technology with award ... Read More

eMail Marketing Compliance

Authentication, Best Practices, Consulting eMail Marketing Compliance

Want tips to increase ROI or ensure effective delivery? Want to know how to incorporate ... Read More

eMail Marketing Suite

Industry leading White Cloud 5.0 eMail Marketing Suite

Our premier sending technology provides the opportunity to create, send, ... Read More


Email Collection iPad Stand

Easy Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Customized iPad Data Collection Applicaton
We design and create a customized Email Collection Application for your iPad or other mobile devices. We also offer a variety of iPad Stand solutions to collect email addresses from your valued customers right on the spot for your email marketing newsletters and event reminders. You can now easily collect subscriber email address and other data for your email marketing campaigns and member email newsletters. Once subscriber is stored in your Email Marketing Suite you can launch automated email marketing campaigns. Contact us at (866) 271-3920 to learn about our 45 day FREE trial offer for your email marketing.
Offer Multiple Sign-Up Options On Your Web Site
Add an attractive subscriber "sign-up" forms, pop-ups and dedicated sign-up pages to encourage visitors to join your email list and receive your email marketing communications. We also design and create customized "sign-up" forms for your social media pages and landing pages. Keep your email sign-up forms simple and easy for subscribers to complete. Send a welcome email to engage new email subscribers. Contact us at (866) 271-3920 to learn about our 45 day FREE trial offer for your email marketing.
Special Event Email Marketing Data Collection
Use your custom iPad Email Collection App on a stand or on a roving mobile device at trade shows, conventions, meetings and other special events. Your subscriber data is automatically stored in your email marketing database and a welcome email is sent to new subscriber. New subscriber can then trigger an automatic email campaign with a series of emails to engage new subscriber upon sign-up. Contact us at (866) 271-3920 to learn about our 45 day FREE trial offer for your email marketing.

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